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Is there a way to let all search engine traffic through from all countries that bypass the javascript challenge I’ve set up for those countries?

So for example, someone in France searches google for info and visits my site, can they access without having to pass a captcha … like a refer rule for or something ?

If you set up the JS challenge through a firewall rule, you can exclude when a referrer contains search engine domains.

Thank you i will look for exclude in the rules I have set now

Does this look correct ? Screenshot by Lightshot

It’s better to use “contains” operator for the Referer. Not all referrers will be exactly “”.

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thank you!
So from my understanding any refer from the County Singapore but does a search in google will not get the challenge Captcha …this this correct ?

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Sorry, it should be “does not contain” operator for the Referer option.

Ok i have made the changes …thank you again …As for the other question of the mobile app block around 10k to 12k a day its blocking now. Bad and fake apps

hmm that did not work …it started blocking everyone. me also

Did you mean you still get Captcha challenge after you visit from Google?

Can you share your domain name?

it started blocking everyone with Captcha Challenge.I can but not over forum.

Update: issue solved after PM the OP.


thank you again :slight_smile:

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