Japanese local problem

Totally new to cloudfare, I have my computer on japanese local to make sure some japanese game work correctly on my pc, but the downside of doing that is that sometime progam and such will think the computer is in japanese and by default put themselve in japanese, and well, since I don’t speak japanese at all I’d like to know where to go exactly to change it (even by just looking where to click it should be enough), i guess step by screenshot would work ? Thanks in advance for the help, also sorry if it’s not in the right category i’m even more new here and quite lost.

I have no idea which part of this involves Cloudflare. What led you here to ask?

I assume there might be a setting somewhere to change the language of Cloudfare, but since I don’t understand japanese, i have no idea where to go to change it so I asked if someone could show me with screenshot where to go to change the language setting (if there is a way to do that)

The upper right corner of https://dash.cloudflare.com has a language selector:

Sorry i think i wasn’t clear enough, my fault: I meant the progam Cloudfare WARP, when i installed it putted itself on japanese based on the localization of my computer which is Japan because of multiple reason (i can tell if you are curious why it’s the case but it’s nothing incredible)