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My site got hacked with the japanese keyword hack that managed to get hundreds of thousands of links indexed in Google. I’ve cleaned and secured the code, but am getting immense traffic to 404 pages that is causing server resources. There is no file pattern or subdirectory that I can filter on and can not manually request removal due to the large volume of links indexed.
Does Cloudflare have features that would enable me to block this traffic from coming in? (Or block access to all except the 200 “good” pages)



Try setting your Security Level to High on the Firewall page. If that doesn’t help, you may have to switch it to Under Attack mode.

Cloudflare isn’t going to know if the page is a 200 until it tries connecting to it. You could try more aggressive caching so you don’t get repeat hits on the same URL. IF (and ONLY IF) your site doesn’t have user accounts, or other functionality that shouldn’t be cached between visitors, you can Cache Everything using a Page Rule.


By default we’ll cache those requests for 5 minutes. If you have the ability to set the max-age for 404 requests to a higher/longer value we will respect that instead.

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