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Bit off topic, but a task is a task.
I’m going to be a DM for the SRE team, so my work will mainly involve:
Ensuring we have good communication interfaces and processes set up
Will help the team set up internal metrics, communication channels
Use dirty tricks to enable focus on what we do avoiding beign distracted.
Occasionaly will act as a personal pshychoanalyst for team members. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Cloudflare & the Community, @mate1!

Tell me more! That is a great skill and we’ll put it to use around here a lot!

Thanks @cloonan .
It involves doing safety and security checks with the team to screen: The DM must ensure that every member of the team feels the environment is safe enough, so nooone can expect retribution for opinions or anything said in internal meetings and secure, so that there’s no culture of blame and the team is a supportive entity. These checks are best done at the beginning of a ceremony called retrospective.

A less structured more ad hoc application is that the DM is expected (IMO) to have emphaty and check if a team member might have issues affecting him coming to work and provide support, facilitate help to deal with it. Listen most of all :slight_smile:

Hope you find this brief response useful :slight_smile:


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