Ix.io lookups producing false NxDomain

ix.io is a paste site I use heavily in development, and is presently forging NxDomain for it. The auth server for the domain, ns1.chunkhost.com, gives the correct answers. This is particularly disturbing because is supposed to be unadulterated access to the global DNS namespace, not a nannyware service.

Update: this might be something broken at the TLD/registrar level. Whois is showing the right auth servers but the .io servers are giving NxDomain now too. Apologies if this was a false positive; it’s easy to jump to conclusions when a paste site seems “blocked”. does not block any domains. If or would block a domain, it would return for the A-record. This domain also does not resolve on other DNS providers, not a Cloudflare issue.

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The site seems to resolve again.

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