IVP6 Firewall Matching my IP

I’m new to cloudflare and I’m trying to create a whitelist for my IP’s so that I can easily block the wordpress login page. I have a functioning block that is working perfectly. The problem is that my whitelist works great with ivp4 addresses but, my webserver and cloudflare are using the ivp6 from my home ip not ivp4.

The only way I’ve been able to get it to work is create a list. The ipv6 works ok when it is in a list, in the format of 26e0:17a0:ac50:6cb0::/64 (Not my real address) but this format doesn’t work with IP Source Address equals (address in ivp6 that works with the list) OR IP Source Address is in (address in ivp6 that works with the list).
I have read till my eyes are blue but I can’t seem to find any documentation relating to this problem.
Since I have a basic account I only get one list. I would like to use that list for blocking hackers so I need a way to get a standard firewall allow rule to work with my ivp6 address. I have the ivp4 address in the rule but since cloudflare only sees my ivp6 address having the ivp4 in the rule doesn’t fix the problem.
I would appreciate any help working with the firewall rules to create a rule that will work with ivp6. Thanks in advance, Steve.

Opps, my bad. The firewall is working correctly. I mistakenly use AND instead of OR as I should for all the the IP’s. Rewriting it correctly and now it works using the ivp6 address. Sorry for any confusion.