I've set up receiving emails, but apparently theres a way to send outgoing?

So I found this post from a little over a year ago which is exactly what I’m trying to figure out. However I’m a noobie with this so I’m not exactly sure what this user did to make it work.

Can anyone assist?

Cloudflare doesn’t offer an email service.

They will have used a third-party SMTP service.

Yes that is what he was also told in the thread, and apparently found a work around. By his description and his earlier mentions in the threads, he was using googles free SMTP server.

I would strongly advice against that one, and other “free” ways, as well as various “tricks” to make it happen.

More and more providers require proper authentication that also aligns with your own domain these days, or otherwise they will put your message in junk or reject it outright.

You will NEVER get that alignment to your own domain name using the fancy “trick” that people talk about here.


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