I've recieved http/3 beta access for the wrong domain

Unfortunately vgchat.us is a permanent redirect to vgcheat.com (which I’ve put onto cloudflares registrar service). So if any tech is online, please make a note of that…

Hi there,

I’m a product manager at Cloudflare. You’re receiving this email because some time ago you placed vgchat.us on an early access waitlist for QUIC support.

We’re excited to share that vgchat.us now has access to Cloudflare’s QUIC and HTTP/3 (the version of HTTP built on QUIC) features.

You can now go ahead and turn HTTP/3 on in the Network tab of the Cloudflare dashboard. vgchat.us will be one of the first sites on the Internet to support HTTP/3 requests. Congratulations!

The Cloudflare edge supports the draft version of the IETF QUIC and HTTP/3 standards. You can read more about HTTP/3 (including how to configure clients like Google Chrome and curl to use it) on our blog.

Happy HTTP/3’ing :slight_smile:


You must have signed up with the .us domain. You could try to open a support ticket, but there wont be a guarantee they will activate it manually for the .com. Once it is out of beta it should be available for your .com as well.

Hi @avalanch07 and @sandro,

In case you haven’t heard yesterday’s news:
The wait is over: HTTP/3 is now available to everyone!

Hope you enjoy it. :wink:


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