I've paid for my overdue order but haven't unlocked my account yet

ticketid #3173732
I paid for an overdue order yesterday morning and no one has responded to my ticket for over 24 hours. I need to unlock my account as soon as possible. What should I do?

Sorry for the issues, I’ve flagged your ticket and post for my Billing colleagues.

Thank you for your help. Please tell them to handle it as soon as possible.

Hi @lanlian_dapp,

Our Billing Team will follow up with you in the ticket.

Thank you, please deal with it as soon as possible


Hello,three days have passed but my domain name is still not unblocked

Hi @lanlian_dapp,

I can see our team is still working on this issue.

We will get back to you in the ticket as soon as we have an update.

Please speed up, this is just because my filstar.pro domain name expired after opening the paid service more than two months ago, which caused my entire account to be locked, so currently there is a problem when I operate the frog.travel domain name, but I am The overdue bill was paid last week. Please speed up. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello, can you tell me what problems your team has encountered? I can do my best to help you answer it. My problem has not been solved for a week. I am really anxious.

My ticket is #3173732,he’s been processing it for over 7 days and I’m really in a hurry and I don’t know why, I’ve already paid for orders that haven’t been processed and it’s really killing me

Hi again @lanlian_dapp,

Our Billing Team is still working on your ticket.

Regarding the second zone that you mentioned you should be able to manage it now.

I hope this helps. Please note that since this is a Billing issue, we will only be able to provide you information in the ticket.

We would also like to appreciate your collaboration and understanding.


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