I've never signed up for cloudflare, why is it blocking my site

I had no idea what Cloudflare was or is and never had an account but this piece of ■■■■ is blocking my hosting from installing wordpress to create my site that I need to be working on days ago.

Unfortunately you haven’t provided any detail which would allow the community to assist you.

Have you spoken with your hosting?

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Yes. They say it’s a cloudflare issue. I can’t even contact cloudflare. I’ve never signed up and my hosting has a #1001 Cloudflare error when I attempt to open the site to begin to do anything. Never signed up, never had an account w/ cloudflare

Perhaps your hosting provider is mistaken. :person_shrugging: Not really any actionable detail beyond the 1001 error message, which indicates there is a DNS record pointing to a Cloudflare IP address for a non-existent domain. I’d suggest reviewing your DNS entries and confirming they are correct for the hosting provider.

Or if they are sure it’s a Cloudflare issue, perhaps they would be so kind as to tell you what specifically the issue is.

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the dns name records are the exact same as the other sites I have on the same hosting account, registered w/ the same domain registrar.

I do appreciate the clarification on what the 1001 error is


Well perhaps one or more of those records in another account points to a 3rd party service which uses Cloudflare. I’d start by confirming what target the specific record you are trying to configure should have with your hosting provider and that it is resolving to that in public DNS.


thank you for the help!


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