I've migrated my domain, but my hosts don't resolve


The automated migration tool didn’t work, so I imported the zone file manually. That worked mostly, and I fixed the records that weren’t right.

Before officially turning over control of the domain, I wanted to make sure it was working. Using nslookup and pointing to the servers listed on the DNS administration page (andy.ns.cloudlfare.com and becky.ns.cloudflare.com), I am not seeing that it’s resolving the records I set up. Everything I look up resolves to and

Does the DNS server only activate after I turn over the domain, or do I need to open a support ticket?


There are currently two pending accounts for that zone. The first one signed up is the one we answer for until the request times our or it is deleted. Both pending accounts appear to be from your org. If you know who set up the other account, you might ask them (politely) to delete the pending zone from their overview page or you can contact support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thank you for the quick response. I see what you’re referring to. I had started setting up the domain and stopped once I had to choose a plan because I had to find a person who had authority to pay for it. That person went ahead and set up the domain.


Okay, now it doesn’t resolve anything at all. I guess I’ll give it some time and try again.


It doesn’t resolve anything. I guess I need to open a support ticket.


Yeah sorry, ask them if they can run a cleanup on the deleted zone, sometimes it needs a kick.


Thank you. I appreciate the timely assistance.


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