I've installed Cloudflare but it turns out to be Google Trust Services SSL

I’ve moved to Cloudflare but it turns out that my website has a SSL Certificate from Google Trust Services which is going to expire in a few months, I’m not sure what to do if it’ll expire.


I’ve 2 local internet connections and on the first one SSL is working while on the second one, It’s not and it’s been a whole day. It shows Cloudflare Certificate but also gives a Error, Certificate is not valid.

Cloudflare uses 5 CAs to issue certificates.

If it is the Universal SSL certificate then Cloudflare auto-renews it.

You are probably using an origin certificate, which is only good between your server and Cloudflare.

What is Universal SSL? And yes, I created Certificate from Origin Certificate.

Docs for Universal SSL. It is the certificate the Cloudflare use for all of your subdomains, unless you purchase ACM

You need to make sure that the DNS record is :orange: to be able to use an Origin Certificate.

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How? and also why it’s not working on my second internet connection?

Go here and for whatever DNS record you are trying, and make sure it is :orange:.

I would check the DNS to make sure that you are accessing it through Cloudflare and don’t have a static entry either in your hosts file or and upstream DNS server.