I've install cloudflare ssl certificate on my website but it's not working

I’ve install SSL certificate on my website after installation successful install ssl certificate message is also appear but it’s not working.

Error is SSL is not valid.

I’ve followed all steps.

You need to make sure the DNS record is proxied and your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict.

Thanks for reply… I’ll try this

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Thanks for your reply. Whenever I add my website to Cloudflare. It did not automatically add proxied DNS record what should I do for this ?

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Then you need to proxy the records.

How can I proxy the record

Go to the dns app of your Cloudflare dashboard and where you see an A record with a :grey: (not proxied) click the grey cloud to turn it :orange: (proxied)

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I’d strongly suggest you check out support.cloudflare.com. Origin certificates only work on :orange: records.


I’ve set DNS record but again it shows an error. Is it possible for you to fix my problem?

What’s the domain?

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Would you like it to talk personally?

This is a public forum, so you will have to post it here.

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