I've had it with having to verify I'm human

I’ve had it with having to verify I’m human. I’m an IT engineer and regardless of the PC I use, I probably have 20 in my home, along with over 100 IoT devices segmented on their own VLAN. I’m not the only one who’s reported this but Cloudflare has become their own self-appointed traffic cops and it’s getting old. I will leave a site and go elsewhere more often than bother with the stupid click. Why do they believe they’re the Internet Gods and why do they believe they can intercept traffic like they do? It borders on malicious activity. Ironically enough I use their DNS so they see my internal DNS servers, I have 2 x Windows Server 2022 DNS servers in my home that use as forwarders, so they know that I’m already using their network. It’s absurd that they slow things down like this.

Actually, the sites you are visiting determine if they allow the traffic, as this seems to be affecting every device, you may want to check ip reputation and/or scan for malware, something is triggering the challenge.

Do you get the same challenge on a mobile device with the same sites?

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