I've got "Certificate Transparency Notification for <mydomain>", should I take any action?

I enabled “Certificate Transparency Monitoring” and received a mail with subject "[Cloudflare]: Certificate Transparency Notification for ". I’m not proficient with all that DNS and SSL stuff, so I don’t understand - should I take any action, is that an attack?

Hi @aarkhipov1991,

It is a service that Cloudflare offers to notify you of any SSL certificate issuances for your domain. It allows you to see is anyone that shouldn’t be able to has got a certificate issued, which could cause issues. If it is a Cloudflare certificate renewing or one from another provider you use, it’s nothing to worry about.

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Hm. I created the domain and certificate for it few days ago, so it’s probably not Cloudflare renewing it, right?

UPD. I think that’s actually my question: I created a certificate through Cloudflare Web UI, and have it set up (i.e. my website worked through the https protocol). It was a few days ago (not more than a week). And today I got that mail. Does that mean someone is trying to do something malicious?

Are you able to post the content of the email, redacting anything sensitive? Someone here might then be able to have a look for you.

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