I've dumped the Warp app and

No matter how much I looked for a solution none worked. would NOT ever stay connected. As soon as I move away from the screen and back to my apps there would pop up a little orange number 1 icon suggesting a notification. I would open the app from the icon (it was always already running anyway) and it would go from ORANGE (ie. NOT connected to WARP for Teams) to Blue saying it was.

I checked multiple times via and found that 60% of the time it would say I’m not even connected to!

  1. The constant number 1 on the icon is both annoying and unsettling. It’s annoying because there’s NOTHING to see. It’s unsettling because it means I KNOW my Warp is not going where it should as it is not connected.

  2. Teams is just useless. What is the point of saying NO HTTP traffic and then still landing on http sites?

I’ve followed only Cloudflare guides when it came to setting up. Everything is set as it should be with CA’s installed etc.

Also, since installing WARP on my imac Apple software update does not work. It will say ‘not connected to the internet’. THAT, in itself is a reason I don’t trust this software.

Sorry chaps, my experience of your products has not been good. I wanted to protect myself and my networks but I feel a lot more vulnerable instead, so they’ve had to go; reluctantly.

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I should add, the not staying connected is via Android on a S10

You will have to dig into your Android Settings | Apps and make sure you turn off Battery Optimisation for this app, otherwise it will be terminated when you switch to another app. That’s life with Android.

You will find this setting in the Apps list - tap on the three dots menu on the top right, select Special Access and “Optimize Battery usage”.


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