I've been hacked?

I’m a new user of Cloudflare as well as WordPress.

I use Fastcomet but switched the saver to Cloudflare for getting free SSL.
I’m having a log-in issue to my WordPress last 5 days so haven’t log-in to WordPress for at least 5 days.
My website is in maintenance mode so anyone wouldn’t visit my site.
My site hasn’t published yet.

Now, I checked to my Cloudflare and under the ‘overview’ area, it shows
‘110 Unique Visitors’
‘3,228 Total Requests’
in the last 7days.

Is this data means there someone hacking my just start building website??

No, just regular crawlers.

even my site is not published yet??

Presumably and impossible to say without more details.

Also, on a related note regarding “free SSL”, if you dont have a certificate on your server your site is just as insecure as without SSL.

Yep, I’ve got the SSL certificate. thank you.

For instance, what other info I should up to get help?

For example the domain.

but you can’t see anything. it’s in maintenance mode so…

In that case the only advice is to go through your log files to check if anything was compromised or why else you’d have these requests.

The issue was solved:+1:

I like to thank everyone who responded Thanks!!


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