I've been getting random errors, and it seems like a firewall issue - but no logs are present


I’ve been getting random errors for a few days now when my status page checks the status of my different sites.
The impacted sites are all my sites proxied by Cloudflare.

The recurring error in question is: connect EHOSTUNREACH
I’m sure my origin server is accessible and functional, and the IP listed in the error message matches a Cloudflare IP.
I checked the firewall logs on my Cloudflare dashboard, but no blocking of my server where my status page is hosted occurred.

The problem happens randomly, between 1 to 5 times an hour, that’s why it might be a firewall issue, since my websites are clearly accessible, even when my status page reports them offline.

So I’m confused as to how to fix the problem, since it seems to be coming from Cloudflare, and that it is most likely a firewall issue.

May I ask what is the error code?
Can you share a screenshot of it?

May I ask if this is related to WordPress status check, or some other tool, or Cloudflare Diagnostics Tool?

At the origin host/server or rather some blocked or challenged events seen at Cloudflare Firewall tab → Events for your domain name?

Can you share one domain name so we could check?

Kindly re-check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your origin host to as follows in the below article:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

I have the impression that you have read my message in diagonal.

I specified the error message encountered by my status page (connect EHOSTUNREACH, and I also specified that my sites were accessible without any problem, and that this was the reason why I thought that the firewall from Cloudflare was blocking my status page. Also, the IP address given in the error is an IP address from the Cloudflare network.

It could also be a network problem with my server hosting my status page, but it seems unlikely since only HTTP services passing through Cloudflare are impacted, ping requests to my different nodes are working without any problem and not encountering any network error.

I don’t have any more information about the encountered errors, since they are network related, and I am pretty confident that my status page server’s network is working fine. Once again, weird thing is I don’t have any firewall logs on my dashboard for every domain affected.
As requested, here’s one of the affected domains for you to check: maxouxax.me

I don’t think this is relevant at all, but I’m using Uptime Kuma to monitor my infrastructure.

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