I've been facing problem on DNSSEC for over 1year!

This is more than 1 year already. I initially transferred my domain from Cloudflare to Freenom while I failed to disable the DNSSEC. Luckily, I was able to get it to work from Freenom registrar to Namecheap hosting, but I can no longer get the domain to work with Cloudflare again. I have reached out to Freenom to disable the DNSSEC but Freenom support has remained quiet ever since. Now I have decided to transfer it back to Cloudflare but this is impossible to do because Cloudflare DNS dashboard is empty for my domain. At this point, I don’t know what to do.

What is the TLD? Freenom lost accreditation on several lately which resulted in registrations being quietly expired.

If you can share the complete domain in addition the TLD, the Communty can offer a more complete response.

Thank you epic.network. My TLD is .org

Obviously, org is not one of the affected TLDs. You do still have invalid DNSSEC as you mention.

tangodigitalsystems.org | DNSViz

Unfortunately, the only party than can update your DNSSEC records in the parent zone is your registrar. If Freenom does not offer a way for you to mange the records yourself and they do not respond to your requests, you can transfer to a different registrar, assuming that you can unlock your domain at Freenom.

If you wanted to transfer registration to Cloudflare registrar, you will probably need to first use an another registrar to clear up the invalid DNSSEC first.

Thank you for the heads up. Please point me in the right direction of the ideal registrar. I can get the domain unlocked at Freenom right now; I just need to clear up the problem and join Cloudflare again.

I can’t really define the ideal registrar for someone else. :wink:

Namesilo has worked well for me for years and they provide full self-management capability for DNSSEC. If you have another registrar that you have used and like, you might want to use them. I would just make sure that they have easily updated DNSSEC control, since there is usually a 60 day transfer lock after you change registrars.

I will try now, thank you so much…

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I have transferred the domain to Namesilo and the transfer will be completed in between 5 and 7 days. I will surely get back. Thank you once again for the assistance.

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Thanks for the update and please do let us know how things develop once your transfer completes.