I've been downgraded to Free Plan without notice/reason


I have been downgraded to Free Plan (from Business) without any notice. All invoices are paid, no notification on failed payments, nothing at all.
I’m cut out of business features. Support does not answer for 15 hours now. I lost some of my settings (eg my custom SSL certificate is missing). Any idea whom may I contact to solve my problem? Any others encountered such a problem?

@ryan @adspedia


I tried to call sales team, but I were transferred to Singapore and they do not have any accesses and cannot help at all.

I am afraid in that case you can only wait for support or @ryan/@adspedia to respond.

Sorry to see you were experiencing this issue!

Can you please post the ticket ID here so I can look into it further ?

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ticket number:

On it now.

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My colleagues are looking into this now and you will get a response asap. Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble.

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Our team responded, please follow the instructions in the ticket and respond there with any updates. Closing this for now.
Have a great day!

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