I've been dealing with this for months now (caching issue)

My website hasn’t been updated for the past month. I’ve sent in tickets to Cloudflare and I don’t get a response for 2+ weeks. I hope this community can help. I’ve tried trying every caching method on the internet and my hosting is Siteground. They told me it’s on Cloudflare’s part.

What can I do to make sure that my site is updated to a newer version since it’s been showing the older version for the last month now and I’m tired of it :confused: I thought about disabling Cloudflare but I will rather be safe and have protection for my site.

I’m no expert in this, so if you can help me, I would appreciate it so much.

What’s the domain, and what new content are you expecting to see there?

hello sir! @sdayman
my domain is mysocialgod.com

It says that my recent article is from 4 days ago but I actually published that article a month ago. It has to be some kind of cache problem because even my new articles aren’t showing on the website.

What happens if you enable Development Mode in the Cloudflare dashboard?

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And you’re having this problem right now? Your site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, so that content is coming directly from your server.

It also looks like you’re using Ezoic, so that’s another variable to deal with.


Hmm, I tried pausing CloudFlare and it’s still happening so I’m guessing it’s not CloudFlare then.
@sdayman @thedaveCA

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It’s definitely not Cloudflare; I’m seeing a cache miss for Cloudflare. However, there’s an x-ezoic-cdn header indicating that Ezoic is returning data from the cache. If I append an arbitrarily string to the URL, I see the correct date, and x-ezoic-cdn indicates a cache miss. Assuming you’re using Ezoic, you should contact them.


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