I've been blocked AGAIN!

Sorry, you have been blocked You are unable to access ******.com , this is a regular occurrence with ALL your websites, Samsung are a HUGE global company with 100’s of 1000’s of staff, please stop blocking my IP address on every single site I try to visit!
I also can’t believe I have had to sign up, create an account verify my account, just to let you know I can’t access any websites that you host!

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Cloudflare does not block websites, Cloudflare users configure their Cloudflare accounts to block access as they see fit. You need to contact the website owners quoting the ray ID to ask them why they are blocking you.


The standard Cloudflare blocking page needs simplification to try to ensure the people who are blocked actually read what is in front of them

The page states clearly to contact the site owners but this needs to be in a much bigger font, and something needs adding about contact the site owners not Cloudflare


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