I've been banned from my own site

I got a troubble. When I go to the wordpress homepage or login page to edit, I get a banner that says I’ve been “banned” by Cloudflare. I don’t understand why, although I recently changed my internet company just these days when the error appeared. I am the site administrator. Imagen is attached.

If you navigate to the CF dasboard → WAF → Overview, you should see the blocked firewall event.
Could you share which Rule ID or Ruleset is shown in the details when you click to “expand” that particular firewall event in the table view from the bottom of the page? :thinking:
You’d need to troubleshoot and create an exception in whatever security setting at CF dashboard you modified which is blocking the access.

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I don’t see anything there.

Try here instead:

And filter for your IP address or the Ray ID: na187ygt1mjs59gw5

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I added that filter but it shows no results. Same using my public IP.

Ve a reglas administradas, que configuracion tienes?

Is you site hosted at a large Managed WordPress provider? If so, it’s possible that they control the settings for your site.

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