has lost administrative access.

I registered the domain with Cloudflare. Currently, when I click on “Manage,” it does not lead to the management section. I also cannot use this domain anymore even though the DNS is configured. Please check and assist.

“Manage Domains” is for dealing with the domain registration.

Click on “Websites” instead to configure the Cloudflare features for your domain.

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No, it seems that I no longer have access to manage this domain. Please watch the video (link). When I click “Manager,” it just reloads the page and doesn’t go to the domain management page.

The video is a bit fast, are you clicking on the “Manage” link on the right of the list? I can only see the cursor where you highlight the domain name in the list.

[edited as confused one domain with another]
I can see your domain is pending nameservers, which shouldn’t happen with a domain registered with Cloudflare. Raise a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here…
…and ask for the nameservers for your domain to be updated.

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