It's possible to use a tunnel to open a Minecraft Server?

"Hello everyone,

I’m attempting to set up a Minecraft server on my Proxmox LXC using Cloudflare, but it still isn’t working. I’ve already configured a tunnel to access my VE, and it’s working well. I tried configuring my DNS to point to the container and the correct port, and also attempted to create a TCP tunnel for the same purpose, but none of these settings are working. Just to note, my server runs normally on localhost and connects successfully when I try with What could I possibly be doing wrong?"

Are you trying to make the Minecraft server publicly available? That requires Cloudflare Spectrum, which is available for 1$ per GB of traffic.

I want to host a server for me and my friends. I’m trying Cloudflare because, for some reason, my router’s port forwarding isn’t working

Have you followed the instructions here? Arbitrary TCP · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

This requires that each of your friends installs either Cloudflared (or Warp) to connect to the server.

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Is there any other way that I can make my server accessible on the internet, like a public server? Using Cloudflare and not depending on port forwarding? I can filter my friends in the Minecraft settings.

I’d look into making port forwarding work. Did you try that only via IPv4 or also via IPv6?

If you want to use Cloudflare to make the server public, you need a Pro plan and Spectrum on top.

I’ve only tried with IPv4. Could you show me how to do it with IPv6? Can I use Cloudflare just to redirect to my IPv6, or is that not possible?"

First check whether you have IPv6 available via a site like

If you have IPv6, create an AAAA record in Cloudflare with your IPv6 address instead of an A record with your IPv4 address.

If you have both IPv4 and IPv6, it could be that you have a shared IPv4 address, for which port forwarding would not work.

Right, I checked, and the site showed that I have an IPv6, like xxxx:xxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx. So, can I delete the other DNS records and create one AAAA record pointing to this IPv6? Also, in my router, can I create IPv6 Port Forwarding? In my router, the Port Forwarding options include only these:

(just in case the upload doesn’ work: Screenshot by Lightshot)

IPv6 doesn’t actually require port forwarding, as every device on your network should receive its own external address.

You might however need to open ports in the routers firewall. That’s really something that depends on your router though and is not something I can help with.

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