It's been over 48 hours and A Record has not propagated

I set my nameservers up with Cloudflare on 08/01/22 at 8:30pm EST. It has been over 48 hours and the DNS Checker is still not resolving to the same IP address that is shown in my Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare A Record for fencingunlimited com =
DNS Checker shows (or)

I am brand new to this and I have never messed with DNS records before. I was told that Cloudflare was EASY to setup and there would be no problems…that’s what my host (BlueHost) said to me.

The website seems to be loading fine in most browsers but I am still having trouble with some things on my mobile phone (even after clearing the cache on my phone, on Cloudflare and on Wordpress Dashboard). Some of the elements on the website do not load on my phone. This is why I was concerned about Cloudflare.

I contacted BlueHost support and they told me that the issue was with Cloudflare and that I needed to contact support for Cloudflare. Told me to ask Cloudflare to “repush domain.”

I don’t have any clue what is going on except that it doesn’t seem right that my A Record is different on Cloudflare versus on DNS Checker. ANY suggestions or help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you


@sandro Thank you for putting this newbie’s mind at ease. So the issue I am having on my phone is likely unrelated to Cloudflare. BlueHost support should have been smart enough to direct me to this answer as it seems like common knowledge for the community. Thank you again for your SWIFT reply.

My pleasure. And yes, that should not be related to Cloudflare. Your domain resolves fine worldwide - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool - and that issue is either related to some DNS propagation on your provider’s side or there is a general issue with the site (e.g. if you have some mobile specific CSS setup).

@sandro You mention the issue I am having could be “related to some DNS propagation on your provider’s side” but they tell me that all the DNS is being handled on the Cloudflare side since my Nameservers are with Cloudflare. Is this true or is there some part of the DNS that is still being handled by BlueHost?

Cloudflare is your DNS authority, but that does not mean there is no DNS propagation and if your provider’s resolver still has previous data, that may be an issue. Just wait a day or so.

By provider I am referring to your ISP, not your host.

So are you saying that my ISP for my phone service may still be in propagation and that it could take longer than 48 hours to propagate?

What Sandro’s saying is that your phone ISP may have “cached” (held onto) the old DNS records.

ISPs commonly do this for:

  • reducing server load, DNS lookups can be expensive if there’s a huge number of them done
  • reducing latency, depending on where the DNS server is DNS lookups can have high latency

Basically just wait it out for a little while at this point and things should resolve themselves :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, as I mentioned, just wait a day or so and if it is a propagation issue, your resolver should have updated.

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