It's been over 24 hours and my website is still parked on Godaddy

I have an existing WordPress site that I migrated to Godaddy over a day ago. I’ve talked to GoDaddy support and made sure everything was pointed in the Cloudfare servers. However it’s been over 24 hours my site is still showing the GoDaddy default page of “parked content”. Please help?

In general you should use Cloudflare after your website is already working .

Switch back to the godaddy nameservers temporarily until your website is working, then you should set up CF.

Possibly, your website didn’t have any SSL, while now it does. Alternatively, it did have the SSL, but it is not activated at GoDaddy’s end.

A possible solution is to make sure that the SSL is activated at GoDaddy (I don’t know if you have a shared hosting, VPS or a server). You are supposed to be able to do that when managing your domain either in Plesk, DirectAdmin, or similar. Try and do that, it might work.

The explanation is that with a new SSL-protected environment, before the SSL has been activated all the traffic goes to private_html instead of the public_html for WordPress.

I hope this helps.

Don, there’s no shared hosting. I did have SSL before, but not with Godaddy. I’ve spoken with GoDaddy support twice, and they said nameservers are pointing towards Cloudfare now so there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s still showing Godaddy page on my website. What should I do?

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