It's been five days and I'm getting the " Pending Nameserver Update" message

Not sure why It’s taking so long. Any ideas.

What is your domain?


If you mean, that domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers.        172800  IN      NS        172800  IN      NS
;; Received 188 bytes from in 40 ms

You need to login to your registrar and change the nameservers.


I’m new to this so you’ll have to bare with me, do I put both of the name servers into namecheap the exact way you sent them to me

When you login to Cloudflare and select your domain, you see the 2 nameservers that you need to use. I have no way of knowing them.

And yes, you then login to Namecheap and replace their nameservers with yours.

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It’s done now I’ll wait to see how it works out.
Thanks for your help.

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