It's been about 4 days since we changed the nameservers. I can edit them on the cloudflare side, but my cloudflare dashboard won't verify it and it's just stuck at pending

We updated our nameservers 4 days ago, but the Cloudflare dashboard is still showing as “Pending”. I can confirm that everything is set correctly, and changes made to our DNS on Cloudflare are showing correctly, but our Cloudflare dashboard still shows as pending.


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Hey Sandro, is the domain.

Same issue as Name Server Updating Stuck - #3 by sandro

Sandro put me on the right track. If anyone else had issues with this while using AWS Route 53, here’s what you need to do.

Go to Route 53 > Registered domains > and click on the drop down “Actions”, then “Edit Name Servers”

Initially I had only changed the name servers from “Route 53 > “Hosted zones”” (this is the spot where you normally add “A records” etc, and while there is an option for Name Servers there, it’s not what you need).

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