It's Been 36 Hours and My Site STILL Hasn't Updated

My webhost is BlueHost. 36 Hours ago, I updated my DNS to the indicated Cloudflare DNS for my account. Now - 36 Hours later (and counting), our website is STILL down.

HOW LONG IS THIS SUPPOSED TO TAKE ??? We are losing business due to this unreasonably long “DNS propaigation” quagmire.

What’s your domain? We’d be happy to take a look at the DNS and see where things are currently.

In some extreme cases, I’ve seen propagation take up to 48 hours - this isn’t something Cloudflare controls though, it’s just the nature of how DNS works on the internet.

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Never seen DNS propagation take this long - and I’ve gone through the process many times.

Don’t understand why this particular instance should be taking this long.

It looks like the Cloudflare nameservers are starting to show up in a few locations:

You probably just need to wait a little longer unfortunately.

So if our primary use/audience is within the United States (Western Region specifically), then the site likely won’t come up until the DNS is updated for the Cloudflare USA server locations (e.g. San Jose, CA?)

Just want to make sure I understand . . .

If we updated our webhost/domain DNS settings with the Cloudflare DNS settings - and the DNS is/are still “propagating” around the globe (after 36+ hours) - does this mean that if the DNS hasn’t yet propagated within the geographic region in which a particular viewer resides, that the website will not yet display?

In other words … I live in Las Vegas, NV (Western Regional, USA). The closest “server location” appears to be San Jose, CA (USA). If that server does not yhet show as “propagated” with the new DNS info, does this mean I will not be able to view my website onlien until it does?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask you to share your domain name here with us so we could also check? :thinking:

Have you tried using any of the available online tools for DNS propagation check for your domain name yet?

For example:

Furthermore, if you recently changed your domain nameservers, regular DNS propagation time usually takes up to 24-48 hours to complete.

May I ask, if you know was the DNSSEC active and enabled for your domain name at your Domain Registrar, before switching domain nameservers to the given Cloudflare nameservers of your Cloudflare account?

In the meantime, you could try to flush the dns for using below tools for the NS type of the DNS record (selected from the dropdoen menu):

Changes to DNS on Cloudflare propagate globally in under 30 seconds.

I could get the below nameservers:

Furthermore, DNSSEC is not enabled.

What is DNSSEC - and where/how do I enable this?

I just enabled DNSSEC within my BlueHost DNS Security

Those are the correct Cloudflare Nameservers - which I updated in BlueHost (as they are the domain registrar as well) as per the Cloudflare instructions.

No, no, please revert. Disable it.
DNSSEC has to be disabled before changing nameservers.
I don’t remember I stated to enable it, only to check it if it is enabled or not.
Sorry for possible misunderstanding, if so.

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Okay, I just disabled it again . . . But it was not enabled when I changed the nameserver info 38 hours ago.

Is it going to be a problem that I clicked “enable” and then “disabled” it again?

:point_up: is not at all the cause. This is :point_down:

Hi @fswwebmaster please login and select a plan type. It appears as though the zone was added to multiple accounts over the last less than 24 hours and nameserver are propagating, but you need to select a plan type. The zone shows as deleted, purged, and pending, but nothing is going to happen until you complete the plan selection process.

UGH - I thought that - through purchasing “Cloudflare Premium” ia BlueHost - that the “plan selection” was automatic. Didn’t realize I had to actually click onto a plan ON the Cloudflare site. (There were no instructions indicating this :slightly_smiling_face:)

In any case … Selected the appropriate plan and WHALLA - everything is back working.
Whataya Know !!!

Just wish I had known about the reuirement to “select a plan” after purchasing the “Cloudflare Premium” plan via BlueHost. :thinking:

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Hi @fswwebmaster I do not see the partner setup at all, checking again to see what’s up

OK, I do not see any plan via the partner bluehost, well, any partner for that matter. I do see the nameserver change has propagated and the site is active on Cloudflare on a free plan.

If you want to sign up via the partner on their pro plan, you’d need to follow their processes, part of that process is changing the nameservers away from Cloudflare to those that the registrar assigned. I don’t see the partner plan so I suspect they are not going to charge you as for whatever reason it seems we never received any indication of a parter sign up. But, it may be worth closing the loop with them to ensure you are not paying for something you did not receive.