Its a bot attack?

Can somebody know why my site is clicked much time from this AS15169 with this ip ???

Thats the ASN of Google: AS15169 Google LLC details -
So probably not a Bot attack, but more likely Googles crawler, or anything else Google related.

I have blocked because i don’t want the site to be crawled or indexed. And i have put an robots.txt on the origin server.
But my question is this ?
Is this blocking my traffik or consuming bandwith if i have blocked ? :thinking:

Putting it there in general does not do anything, important is how you configure it.

Depending on what you blocked (the IP or the whole ASN) ,this does not block your traffic, but blocks all requests from what you have blocked thowards your ZONE. But please keep in mind, that Cloudflares configuration just works as long you are proxied :orange:.

And how to prevent that . How to block all ip incoming from this ?? and i have created the firewall rule for blocking this . But can this asn still be able to reach my origin server ??

If you proxied the domain, and blocked the ASN and your origin is just accepting requests from Cloudflares IPs, then it can not reach your origin anymore.


Based on the IP2Location ( IP Address Geolocation Lookup Demo | IP2Location), it is a Google Chrome browser proxy. It is possible that Google tunneled multiple users through this IP address. It might be absolutely fine.

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