Italy Blocked cloudflare IP's

TIM (Telecom Italia), Italy’s main provider blocked Cloudflare IP’s as a result none of the sites using cloudflare load in Italy.

So far i found is blocked, there could be more.

What is cloudflare doing to appeal this?


That is not a Cloudflare IP address and your traceroute does not route via Cloudflare.

You need to contact your ISP about this issue.

Also, the domain in question is not even on Cloudflare.

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Thanks, it was what came out when i googled that IP.
The ISP cannot do anything as it’s requested to be blocked by the police.

If the IP address has been blocked by the authorities you can only contact the site owner. Cloudflare is not involved here.


It’s a Shopify IP address, announced by Cloudflare (Magic Transit, as far as I can tell)., announced by AS13335 (aka Cloudflare).

It seems really strange they are blocking an IP since I can reach it (I am in Italy, not on TIM though) and they have never blocked IPs as far as I know, the authorities have always blocked only via DNS.

You are right, Cloudflare does appear to announce it on their behalf.

Still, something the ISP has to fix (or the authorities).

Sure, not the authorities though. It seems to be only TIM blocking it for some reason. So the ISP is the issue.

Where did you see the authorities blocking it @199508mt?

Well, the OP claimed it was the authorities. So he either needs to talk to them or the ISP.

Yeah, I wasn’t asking you about the authorities, but the OP :slight_smile:

I’d be also surprised if it was the “authorities” as Europe has typically implemented their censorship only via DNS so far and is yet to venture down to actual IP blocks, but then who knows :slight_smile:

In any case though, this is something for the ISP (or the authorities :slight_smile:) to fix. Neither the site owner nor the IP owner can do something do something here - let alone Cloudflare.

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