It won't let me delete my site

Hey, whenever I try to delete my site from CloudFlare it gives me this error:

API Request Failed: DELETE /api/v4/zones/ and some random numbers and letters, what can I do?

I’d recommend first to transfer your website’s nameservers over to your registrar or another DNS provider. CF will clean up the domain after a few weeks if you move the nameservers away from CF.

Is it the only domain in your account?

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I changed my nameservers to point back to my registrar, then I tried removing the site but it didn’t work. I want to remove everything(DNS and site) and point back to Cloudflare.

Hey! thanks for checking my thread!

Yes it’s only 1 domain, I removed all my DNS records and changed my nameservers to point back to my registrar then I tried to remove the site as a whole, but I got the error, first time happening to me no idea why.

If your account has only one zone (domain), you can’t delete that last one (as far as I know).

I see, is there any solution for that?

You’d have to completely close your account.

EDIT: I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to delete, then re-add your account, that’s not going to change anything. Your old settings will come back. You’d have to create a new account here if you want a fresh start on that domain.

Once I delete it and create another account, can I add the same site?


Thanks I will try it out

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