It was not possible to cancel the encryption (obfuscation) of the email address on the site


How to cancel your protection of e-mail addresses on the site?

I read the appropriate topic And I used the code <! - email_off → <! - / email_off →
But they do not help.

Support is silent: Request #1392850

Try <!--email_off--> and <!--/email_off-->

Note there use of -- instead of - as you mentioned.

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Your tags are incorrect. Per the linked article the tags should have an exclamation point followed by two dashes and there should be two dashes before the closing tag and no spaces. The Cloudflare code pattern matches on the exact tags specified in that article and the tags on your page do not match so they are ignored.

Or since it looks like you’re disabling it for all the email addresses on your pages you could just turn off email obfuscation in the ScrapeShield portion of the control panel.


Many thanks.

Many thanks for this feature. I did not see her on the control panel before!

My website is down due to this. I cannot add modify or delete any product order or do anything now after I inserted this & removed it.

Can you explain us better what is happening?


I am using Prestashop.

I have to link Customers as seller which I can’t do now.

I tried inserting code and deleted it but now I get perase error.

I can live with that error but not without able to link Customer as seller
due to my site being a marketplace.

Please help with removing this from back office.