It takes to 404 when I open my site. It happened 3-4 times in month

I have basic settings activate & also purchased Argo feature.
When I opened the site few times a month, it showed my 404 around 2-3 times which is not good.
It happened on my homepage which means the whole site was down. When I cleared cache manually from cloudflare dashborad, it started to work. I have attached the screenshot.

It’s very bad thing for any site/business as well as cloudflare. If cloudflare community specifically Cloudflare team can address on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

That error is returned by your origin. Have you reviewed the logs on the server to determine why the error occurred?

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The URL on your screenshot includes the query parameter “wsidchk=”, which is added by a firewall solution many hosting companies adopt, called Imunify360. This firewall does not play well with cache everything. A bot triggers this firewall, and the redirect is cached, To circumvent the issue, you can try:

Create a Redirect Rule to redirect any request with URI Query containing “wsidchk” to another path, say, /blocked-by-origin.

Create a WAF Custom Rule to block requests to block the path /blocked-by-origin.

I use this solution with a minimal custom block page saying something like: “Your IP triggered a security protection. Try again in 15 minutes.” Most requests that trigger the firewall are bot requests, but the eventual human seeing this message may need to wait until the firewall stops responding with the challenge.


Cloudflare 不会为客户网站生成 404,我们仅代理来自源服务器的请求。当您看到 Cloudflare 支持的网站出现 404 错误时,您应该联系您的托管提供商寻求帮助。