It takes a good 10 second for my website to load after typing URL

Is this caused by my DNS being hosted with Cloudflare?

What can I do to speed up the response time?


You didn’t post the domain name, but it’s probably a slow initial response from the server.

Which server? Cloudflare or GoDaddy?

I’m getting a wide range of response times locally, from a couple of seconds to 20 or so seconds. All of the variation comes from that initial connection to your web host. Generally, though, global testing shows an acceptable Time To First Byte.

GTMetrix averages around 5 seconds for your site to load.

So this is an issue I have to look with GoDaddy??

Unrelated but still something you need to fix.

You do not have a valid certificate on your server. It is self-signed and has expired.

Thanks for the info… How do I go about fixing that?

Your host has to fix that.

My guess would be concurrent connections (about six seconds)

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I just upgraded my hosting plan and response time seems to be better.

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