It seems someone is trying to access my website

It seems someone is able to access my website as i found unwanted links that are indexed in google. I have checked cpanel and found unwanted files. I have deleted which is not of use, but not sure that other files may be infected. Please help in this matter to get it resolved

ticket number 2265254

Note that Cloudflare does not provide you with any removal services, this is completely on you/your hosting.

While the WAF can prevent some backdoors and other attacks, that’s not it’s main feature and you should not rely on it to protect you from malware.

Look down the administration area so that only you can access through your ip in firewall. And then make all changes. Before it get worse :slightly_smiling_face:

yes i have blocked them. But not sure how they accessed

Check for any suspicious plugin or theme you installed. Install wordfence and do quick scan

what’s this? and how can we fix?

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