It seems cloudflare is under huge ddos attack

it seems cloudflare is under huge ddos attack, is there anyone knows anything about it ?

What makes you think that? They are probably always under some sort of attack

yes and all the time they stop the attack but now i seems the attack are so powerfull that effect more than 90% percent of sites i can not open any site and also none of my site

What ISPs do you have? Country?

The problem was not from my country or location, it was a problem from Cloudfler. I checked from several locations using several VPNs. Even the IP addresses of Cloudfler did not ping, but now everything is back to normal.
This even affected the Bainance exchange site

I had the same, but not all ISPs. Seems to be fixed here as well.

I opened an ENT ticket for this, waiting on an update.


Got the update.

At approximately 21:18UTC, a big Tier 1 network, with a big footprint in France, leaked their full BGP table to another tier 1 network peer in London. Due to this leak, a lot of traffic was diverted through this London connection, causing severe network degradation. At around 22:47 this issue was fully resolved.

The impact was mostly localized to France (Free) and Turkey (TurkNet).

It obviously wasn’t a DDoS.



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