It seems caching Always Online caching does not work for me

I have configured my caching to be on and my Always Online has been toggled to on, but when the origin server is interrupted, I get an eror:

Error 522

Ray ID: 6e5584247f43e1be • 2022-03-01 23:01:44 UTC

Connection timed out

In my mind, the whole purpose of my Cloudflare caching is to have redundancy in the case of a hiccup or brief power outage at the origin server.

Any idea where I have gone wrong, or why a cached version of the site is not being delivered?

Always Online is integrated to Internet Archives, and Cloudflare limits their crawler depending on plan level. So, depending on how long ago you’ve enabled this feature, and whether or not the page you’re trying to reach is available at, your visitors may still get the 5XX errors instead.

Also, make sure to check your Firewall Overview page to check if any or your Firewall Rules are block/challenging Internet Archives’ crawlers. This could prevent them from ever caching your pages.

Well, with a low traffic site there is not much chance would index it… The domain that I have set up this ClooudFlare site on is a test, before we apply such a configuration to our main domain.

Our initial strategy was to set up a separate site which would be in the cloud and re-direct to the and then redirect to if the site was up and to be the fallback information page when the main server was interrupted.

The impression was that Cloudflare could provide caching and delivery of site contents without needing redirection to a separate site. If this sort of service and ensured uptime is not available via Cloudflare, we may have to revert to the redirection hack.

Although, our main domain is at times cached on, the imagery itself and database driven content and product details seems not to be.

I don’t see why wouldn’t archive your low-traffic site. All my websites are very lo traffic and their pages are cached there. And caching information pages is what Always Online is all about.

Database-driven content is hardly a good use case for Online.

You’d be better off familiarizing yourself with how Cloudflare handles caching and trying out one of the products that may help you, such as Page Rules with a Cache Everything cache level for informational pages, and either Workers or (if WordPress) APO to handle caching for the whole site.

@cbrandt Thank you. I will refer to that information. Looks like it isn’t as simple as turning on caching in the control panel. I will look into what Page Rules have to do with caching page content and delivering cached content in times of origin outage.

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