It looks like your domain is not provisioned with Cloudflare

Hi @hammad.arefeen, a quick follow-up with your domain. I don’t think the issue is related specifically to Cloudflare WordPress Plugin. From internal chats there was a regression with adding new International Domain Names (which applies to your site) which was fixed yesterday. I think recreating you zone in Cloudflare should resolve the issue with Cloudflare WordPress plugin.

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Thanks, @yevgen. Please can you guide me on how can I recreate the zone in Cloudflare ?

You do it in 2 steps:

@yevgen Brother still the same Error. I followed the steps to remove and then add again even uninstall the WordPress plugin but still issue not resolved. What to do now?

I figured out that Cloudflare does not handle IDNs or punycode well and there are several issues with their services related with them:

  1. Cloudflare Access policies with that IDN don’t work. I can set the policies, but they have no effect.
  2. You cannot set host(s) for mTLS. Error: “hostname does not belong to the zone in input (Code: 1415)”.
  3. (as you experienced already) Wordpress Plugin says that this domain is not provisioned with Cloudflare, although it is.

I issued a ticket a month ago, but nobody really looked into my problem, sadly. So best answer for me to resolve the problem is to get a domain name without special characters.

@peterbrain It’s not the solution to change the domain name. Why should I, this is my brand name how come in the world with different languages domain works. If this doesn’t work I’ll switch to another CDN provider.

@hammad.arefeen I’m sorry if my comment may have sounded a little bit harsh, but I distinctly added “best answer FOR ME”. I really do hope IDNs are more widely supported in the near future, but at this time I experienced too many issues with IDNs (for example emails), that’s why switching to a domain without special characters was the best solution for me.