It looks like you domain is not provisioned with CloudFlare

Hi All,

There is a warning popping up on a website.

I contacted web developers and they say that Cloudflare plug in is installed in the CMS.

What else could be the reason of this warning?


I believe the above screenshot you’re sharing is coming from a WordPress dashboard, correct? :thinking:

May I ask if you’re using Cloudflare for your domain name through your web hosting provider? :thinking:

Otherwise, are you using eZoic ads maybe, or have used Shopify or some other 3rd-party service before? :thinking:

Furthermore, it might be if you’re having some special characters in your domain name.

Are you using the most recent updated official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress?

The WordPress plugin needs to be connected to the Cloudflare account associated with the domain. If the domain is not using Cloudflare that message would appear in the WordPress plugin. If you want to use Cloudflare with your site and haven’t set the domain up in Cloudflare yet, there is a Tutorial for that.

To be honest I don’t know which CMS is being used.
Cloudflare DNS and web hosting are provided by different parties.
The domain name doesn’t contain any special characters.

The domain itself already set up in Cloudflare.

Is it possible that the plugin was signed in to Cloudflare with an email address that does not have access to the domain?

I think Cloudflare plugin was installed in Wordpress but that plugin is not logged in to Cloudflare.
The thing is that Cloudflare account cannot be provided because managed by It services provider.

The Cloudflare WordPress plugin has to be connected to a Cloudflare account in order to do anything. If you have an IT service provider, you really should be having this conversation with them. Explain to them what you want to accomplish so they can work with you to achieve that goal.

What happens if Wordpress plugin is not connected to Cloudflare?
Is it affected somehow if not connected?

I prefer to manage Cloudflare settings and features directly by using the Cloudflare dashboard than having a WordPress plugin installed as someone else with administrator privileges could mess around with them and caouse some unexpected behaviour or issue I’d have to inspect later how and why it happened, because the official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin allows to actually change some options via WordPress Admin Dashboard (via API) when domain is being connected using our credentials (API key and e-mail).

As far as it’s not the Cloudflare APO for WordPress, no.

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