It looks like we're having some internal issues

Don’t see a topic for Domains, so I hd to pick General.

Getting “It looks like we’re having some internal issues. Our team has been notified. If you’d like to help, tell us what happened below.”

It’s related to ticket 1942969

Clicking on the “Domains” button brings on that error message. It’s trying to load the domains list but can’t.

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The transfer shows as in process but suspect the lock you put back on is preventing the re-tries of the transfer from going through. Can you remove the lock while waiting for a support reply to see if the transfer goes through?


Invalid properties on event ‘Transfer Step’: .io,.tech

I get that in the console … Its reporting an error on too. I cannot seem to load the transfer panel to transfer domains.

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If someone runs into this please feel free to leave a reply - We found a work around. the bug is with the way the domains are validated and .io and .tech were not in the validation for that schema … We edited the JS to work around it and once the domains were transferred didn’t run into this error again.

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See my update here, I believe it’s the same issue:

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