It looks like my IP address is being blocked on ALL cloudfare websites

I could NOT get on to any Cloudflare websites yesterday and just now again today.
Your instructions say contact the website but that is IMPOSSIBLE… since you can’t get past the big RED X page!!! I’m so frustrated.
Please explain how I get my IP address allowlisted on all Cloudflare sites.
Thank you. (* see screenshot for an example of what I’m getting - this is from just now).

How can you contact those websites (I’m being blocked on ALL Cloudflare sites)… You can’t get past the big red circle with the X in it!!!

You can contact them in any way they offer for contact. Email, social media or phone for example.

Also, please don’t ask the same question in multiple threads.

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The suggestion from @Laudian is spot-on wrt contacting the site owners.

This Community uses Cloudflare, so it’s not an issue with all sites protected by Cloudflare. You may want to scan your machine for malware, try incognito (private) mode, and/or try from a mobile network.

Hello, I can’t seem it… how do I get a link back to the topic?

You don’t seem to understand… I cannot contact them. Their entire sites are blocking me so I have no idea how to reach them. These are simply sites I want to visit.
As in the example, screen shot, you can see there is no way.
This has happened with several ‘different’ sites.
I was trying to look at homes in Portugal… and one particular site had me blocked before I even got to it. It’s not like I can call them from Canada and ask them and I can’t find phone numbers for them because I can’t get on to their sites to look up phone numbers.
There has to be a way to find out why MY IP address is being blocked by Cloudflare in general.

As for asking the same topic, I’m new here and thought that my question might not be seen in that other thread. I won’t do it again… thanks for making me feel berated… it won’t happen again. !!

Try googling their contact information or look up their contact information with whois. Cloudflare doesn’t manage the security settings for these domains, they are managed by the individual site operators. Changes to those settings would need to be done by them should they choose to allow you to visit their site.

But it’s not. This site uses Cloudflare.

Can you reach It also uses Cloudflare. Or https://icanhazip? Same.

What reason a particular site might be blocking a visitor isn’t information Cloudflare could disclose to the visitor.

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Thank you, I did try incognito. And, 100% you are correct. I have no way to know if all Cloudflare sites are blocking me, but to have 4 of them block me in 2 days is concerning and I don’t know how to figure it out. I’m sorry I don’t what you mean ‘from a mobile network’? Are you suggesting on my phone? It’s on the wifi here, does that matter.
Please understand this isn’t something I deal with - I’m not an expert at this type of technical stuff.
I do know I have a friend who added Cloudflare to her website and she lost her mind dealing with technical issues brought on with Cloudflare interrupting something she was doing. I’m sure it has many positives but to block ‘normal’ people who are trying to get to a normal website (like a real estate site in Portugal or a big website like (as in my screen shot) … that’s not cool.

So apologies to you guys who know a lot more about these things than I do but this forum seemed to be my only option to reach out for help and hope someone kind would offer some fix.

Have a nice day.

Thank you. I assumed it was a Cloudflare since 3 different sites blocked me.I’ll give up for now. If they don’t want visitors, I won’t use their services.

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I go through to that first link but not the second.

This is the message from the icanhazip site:

This site can’t be reached

icanhazip’s server IP address could not be found.



Sorry it’s

But if you can hit those, it’s evidence these are site specific policies which are blocking your access, not a Cloudflare specific block.

Thank you… that only brought me to a series of 9 digits separated by 3 dots (.) … on an otherwise complete blank page. Is that was it was supposed to do?

Yes it was.

Thank you for your time today. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

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