It is worth setting "Always Online = On" to cache pages that don't change very often


I’m trying to cache with CloudFlare 400,000+ pages of my website, which are modified once a year, in order to save bandwidth and resources.

I found the following CF’s supporting page:

and they recommend to set the following parameters, for “for critical pages that don’t change very often”.
  • Browser Cache TTL: a day
  • Always Online: On
  • Cache Level: Cache Everything
  • Edge Cache TTL: a month

Each one of my 400,000+ pages are not more “critical” than the rest. It is worth setting “Always Online = On”?

Thank you.

That is a great Question.

Here you should find more Information.

Dont think this will work really well.
That would be a abuse of the Failback Function.
It looks also like it uses the Internet Archive to push and store the Data.
So your goal having a fast loading cached webpage will be guess not reached.


That article was from before the new partnership with Internet Archive.

Note that “Always Online” isn’t a cache. It’s a backup copy of that page that’s served if the server is unreachable.

You can enable what you want, as I believe none of that will violate Terms of Service. Internet Archive will crawl whatever it wants and feels is necessary, and the edge cache will evict anything that’s not worth saving space for when it needs room for higher priority assets.


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