It is Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

its been days and it is stil Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending). what is the solution over here.

It’s usually an issue of name servers not properly pointed to Cloudflare. You can only use the two that Cloudflare assigned to you. What’s the domain?

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i have changed to from previous DNS server to Cloudflare.
my domain is

Looking at the WHOIS records, you still have your old name servers set. You need to go to your registrar (Mercantile Comms?) and configure your domain to use Cloudflare’s name servers.

in my register i have set to Cloudflare’s DNS.

Ok, so a trip to my favorite DNS checker shows it’s mostly propagated. And correctly.

If it’s been 48 hours, open a Support ticket: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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Thank you very much

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