It is showing error 525 ssl handshaked failed

I connected my site to full SSL certificate but now my site is not opening and showing error 525 SSL handshaked failed. I don’t know what happened to it please help if anyone know about it.

Did your site have SSL before you set it up with Cloudflare? If your SSL works properly without Cloudflare, then it shouldn’t get a 525 when you enable SSL at Cloudflare.

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my site is on wordpress. my site doesn’t have SSL certificate before . i created a account on Cloudflare yesterday and just make the ssl certificate to full

Trying to get SSL working at the Cloudflare end is a bit tricky when you don’t have SSL at the server end. Doesn’t your host let you add SSL to your site?

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then please tell me what should i do now

Install SSL on your server. You can try changing your SSL setting here to Flexible, but that doesn’t secure your site at your server. And you’ll probably end up with Mixed Content errors.

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Thank you so much for your help sir. i don’t want anything i don’t want ssl i just want to get out out of this ■■■■ please suggest me how to get out of this

As mentioned above - to fix the error you would have to install an SSL certificate on your host server. SSL is highly recommended to be in use for multiple reasons.

This guide offers step by step instructions on how to use Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate on a website.

How to Configure Cloudflare Origin CA for Apache

I personally found the Cloudflare guide fairly useless when I had to implement this process on a new server recently.

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