It is NOT possible to point Cloudflare registered domain at external server WITHOUT Enterprise, correct?


I moved a lot of domains to Cloudflare as the registrar, as soon as I heard that they were at cost.

Although I understand that domains can be forwarded towards another domain with the lowest Cloudflare tier, some URLs have actual sites, and since Cloudflare doesn’t offer server space that I’m aware of, it would appear that I can only pay for Enterprise or higher to gain the ability to simply point a Cloudflare domain towards an external server, that isn’t simply another domain.

If nothing else, this post can just be a PSA, since this info is not so obvious when hunting around.


You can point your domain anywhere on any plan.
Or i didn’t get your question… :thinking:


Thank you very much for the time & effort of your reply.
And apologies for my ignorance.
I’m not normally mapping records, but I’ve spent some time doing it.
(Also, correction, I meant “Business” not Enterprise in my previous un-editable post)

I’ve begun to at least imagine that if I’m unable to map name servers on Cloudflare’s side, that I’m not going to get a domain to point towards a folder at 1&1 (now recently merged some other company).
I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to get it to work, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something or not.

So my new question is; if I can not change (or don’t want to upgrade) the nameservers at Cloudflare, should I still be able point a domain towards a folder at 1&1?
Everything is so completely simple with Cloudflare, it just seems hard to have missed something at this point, but it may be more of a time problem (although I believe that I waited a day or two between edits), or something I missed on 1&1’s side.

Is it a catch-22 where there is a standoff with who’s nameservers between companies?
If 1&1 won’t allow using “custom name servers” when a domain is point back towards 1&1…
And Cloudflare wants $20/mo for 1st level upgrade per domain…
Maybe a better question, is to where buy space now, if the problem lies more with 1&1? Ha.


What I understand from your question is that You’re maybe looking for domain forwarding.

If You want to forward the requests made to one domain to another, You can achieve that using the page rules.

For all other things, You have the DNS tab to create the records of your choice.


That’s not exactly how DNS records work (you can’t point a DNS record to a folder) but you can point to either a hostname or to an IP address where the website is hosted on any Cloudflare plan. What you would need to know in this case most likely is the IP address that your sites are on in this hosting plan. That may be under the subdomain tab in your screenshot (not familiar with their interface). So you might had 3 subdomains on that server and you could create 3 A records for them.

www -> A Record ->
blog -> A Record ->
support -> A Record


Thank you, I’m exactly not forwarding any domain.
That is very thankfully straightforward with Cloudflare.


The first part of your reply is as I would expect.
But the last bit is interesting, are you indicating that I could possibly “trick” the external server into routing properly by adding some sub-domain records?
And I’m assuming that those lan ip blocks are just examples, not actual purposed examples.

Seems like the next step is to bother 1and1 tech support nevertheless.


A single server is capable of hosting hundreds/thousands of domains and subdomains. These are defined in in the software/webserver serving the sites. Your DNS records need to point to where those sites/services are located.


and you should Google for “Name-based virtual hosting” for the “how”.