It is not possible to delete the list - even when there is no firewall rule

I wanted to update my custom List today, what I usually do is delete the Firewall Rule that uses that List, then I delete the List itself and re-upload a fresh copy. However, when I went to do that today, I noticed it said that “This rule is being used in 2 filter expressions and cannot be deleted.”
I went ahead and cleared all my Firewall Rules, but it seems Cloudflare still thinks I still have 2 filter that uses this List, which is not the case.
I previously deleted a domain without deleting its firewall rules

Cloudflare site has so much experience, why doesn’t it solve this very bad problem?

Do you have more than one domain in your account? Lists are account level items and could conceivably be used by more than one site in the account.

I haven’t read the API documentation concerning lists, but if that endpoint supports a PATCH call, it might be a more effective method.

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Yes, I have 14 domains in my account
I had previously used this list in the rules of two of my domains, but I deleted those domains
And now this problem that I said happened to me
I urgently need to delete this list, please tell me if you know a way
I had this problem before but I couldn’t solve the problem, I had to change my Cloudflare account.

Is it possible to get help from Cloudflare’s management for this?
It seems that this issue is a problem in the Cloudflare system, how can you inform them to solve this problem?

This is a known defect with lists and deleted zones and I do not see an eta on a fix, I am digging for some more details. Sorry for the issue @alirezaaa

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How long do you think this problem will be solved?
Is Cloudflare’s team looking into this issue?
Or is it an unimportant matter now? @cloonan

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If you are still running into this, I’d recommend you follow this thread where an update has been provided:

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