.it domain transfer


does anybody know if Cloudflare will also allow transferring of .it domain? I’m asking because I mostly work with such domain and I’d love to transfer them to Cloudflare.

On the other hand I know that most international Registrar (e.g.: GoDaddy) do not allow to transfer .it domain due to the specifics of the Italian law.

Is there any info on this subject?

It’s not on the list, so there won’t be any information until they support .it, if ever.

But considering that other registrars (Hover and Gandi) offer .it domains, it’s possible Cloudflare will eventually support .it

Hey, fellow Italian here, will write in English if that’s fine with you (I assume it is).

I know they are working to have that done, but some are extremely difficult to achieve. In particular most EU TLDs require residence in one of the EU member states, so they would need to enforce that. Plus especially with .it they don’t support DNSSEC, they do strange checks at transfer. It’s a pain of a TLD, unfortunately. They are only lucky it is used for specific names by many companies.

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