It does not mask correctly

Please help.

Hello, I have done everything right, but look at this site, all content should be masked by cloudflare. and it does not work. How can I solve it?

Also use the google chrome extension; look at the screenshot.

on both sites it does not appear masked. so cloudflare is not working?

Can you explain what that means?

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I say mask, referring to hiding my hosting provider. and all my information I want it private. to increase security.

You can see the links I gave you. It still looks the same as before.

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Thank you. Cloudflare does mask your server’s IP address from public view, helping to protect against certain types of attacks. However, it does not hide your domain registration details. Tools like WHOIS provide information about domain registration and ownership, which isn’t something Cloudflare affects. If you want to hide this information, you may want to consider a domain privacy service.

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As you can see in the links, the hosting information is coming out public.
My interest is to hide the hosting.

with the public domain there is no problem.

This site resolves to Cloudflare IPs. You have neglected to display the URL of the site showing the information about the true host, but it is likely based on historical data.


I tell you that I bought this new domain.

and I do not link it directly to the hosting. but what I did was link it to the cloudflare nameservers directly.

That means that you insert the .zone file to cloudflare with the hosting data. of the dns records.

that means that the domain did not have any registration of the hosting. 0 historical data.

and after I did that, the following information appeared: [Texto preformateado]( Using the google extension.

exactly the same thing came out. Hosting data. this can be avoided somehow?

Again you’ve posted a screenshot without providing the source URL so… great. It still says the same thing.

dig EMAILZIPA.COM +short

The root domain resolves to Cloudflare IP addresses.

Clearly not based on the screenshot you provided yourself.

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The url of the website does not appear because I told you that it appears like this in the google chrome extension. of in preview. See the link in the last message.

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